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A Personalized Mass Spectrometry–Based Assay to Monitor M-Protein in Patients with Multiple Myeloma (EasyM)

Mariya Liyasova, Zac McDonald, Paul Taylor; Kathleen Gorospe, Xin Xu, Chenyu Yao, Qixin Liu, Liqiang Yang, Eshetu G. Atenafu, Giovanni Piza; Bin Ma; Donna Reece; Suzanne Trudel Clin Cancer Res (2021) 27 (18):5028–5037.

Phase 2 clinical study: M-protein monitoring and relapse detection in 26 patients who achieved complete response (CR). EasyM™ results compared vs SPEP and MFC 10-4

Mass Spectrometry Provides a Highly Sensitive Noninvasive Means of Sequencing and Tracking M-Protein in the Blood of Multiple Myeloma Patients

Zac McDonald, Paul Taylor, Mariya Liyasova, Qixin Liu, and Bin Ma, Journal of Proteome Research 2021 20 (8), 4176-4185,

Application of EasyM™ in a real-world setting.

Clonotypic Mass Spectrometry with EasyM Assay for Detection of Measurable Residual Disease in Multiple Myeloma

Michael J Slade, Abir Khalid, Mark A Fiala, Mariya Liyasova, Mark A Zaydman, , Zac McDonald, Julie M Fortier, Sarah Kelley, Zachary D. Crees, Mark A. Schroeder, Keith E Stockerl-Goldstein, Liqiang Yang and Ravi Vij. American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting and Expo 2023, Poster 1908, Session 652

Retrospective, blinded clinical study. EasyM™ compared against SPEP and ClonoSEQ® NGS in 19 patients with MM.


EasyM, blood test for residual myeloma activity, certified in US – Easier and quicker way of monitoring people for cancer’s return