Living with MM isn’t easy.

Monitoring your progress should be.

EasyM™ is an ultrasensitive MRD blood test that makes MM disease monitoring simpler, safer and more convenient.

Minimal Residual Disease (MRD) Monitoring:  Blood vs. Bone Marrow 

MRD is the term used to describe a very small number of tumor cells that remain in the body during or after treatment.  MRD is one of the strongest predictive factors for outcomes in multiple myeloma (MM).  As such, MRD monitoring has become increasingly important in the management of MM.  By detecting the presence of residual tumor cells or the M-proteins that they produce, doctors are able to track the patient’s response to treatment and decide how or when to adjust treatment plans to improve long-term outcomes.  Conventional MRD testing for MM relies on painful bone marrow aspiration or biopsy.  However, there have been major efforts in the field to find novel methods to assess MRD from a simple blood draw.

Introducing EasyM: A Novel Blood Test for MRD Monitoring in MM.

EasyM is a groundbreaking, ultrasensitive blood test for MRD monitoring that utilizes the clonotypic peptides mass spectrometry (MS) approach to detect and measure M-proteins secreted by the tumor cell directly from a patient’s blood serum.  This is done by identifying unique peptide sequences (like a barcode) from the patient’s M-protein, which are then used to monitor M-protein levels as a marker of residual disease.  This minimally invasive approach offers several advantages over conventional bone marrow-based MRD tests, such as enhanced sensitivity and specificity with the convenience of a simple blood draw, while avoiding the risks of sampling area bias or hemodilution that are inherent to bone marrow biopsies.


Getting Started.

For patients interested in EasyM, please have your doctor contact us.  We will work with your healthcare providers to provide access to testing in your area.

In order to track your MRD status, EasyM first requires a baseline sample with a minimum SPEP concentration of 0.2 g/dL to establish your unique peptide sequences.

EasyM is certified for clinical use under CLIA in all states with the exception of NY.  We are seeking further approvals through the FDA and Health Canada.  EasyM is not yet covered by private health insurance or Medicare/Medicaid.

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