For Patients.

Living with MM isn’t easy. Monitoring your progress should be.

EasyM™ is a highly sensitive MRD blood test that will make MM disease monitoring simpler, safer and more convenient.

We believe that Minimal Residual Disease (MRD) monitoring can be an important predictor of disease progression and relapse after treatment and provide peace of mind for patients. We believe that designing a highly sensitive test that does not require bone marrow aspiration will make it more accessible. That’s why we are developing EasyM.

If you would like to receive EasyM testing, please have your doctor contact us.

To get involved, you can:

  1. Talk to you doctor

  2. Explore clinical trials for myeloma drugs and consider enrolling in one that uses EasyM™ or another MRD technique

  3. Join the discussion at local conferences and MM patient support/advocacy organizations

EasyM™ is certified for clinical use under CLIA and we are seeking further approvals through the FDA and Health Canada. EasyM™ is not yet covered by commercial or federal health insurance.

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